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Caveman Country Song Lyrics

I saw you walking erect Last week by the creek The hair on your neck Went all the way to your feet And darlin’, since then Ain’t nothin’ I can do You’re all I ever think of I’m neander-fallin’ for … Continue reading

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The Future Evolution of Shawn Combs Monikers

Piddle Puddle P Puddle Puffy Puddle Puffy Pufflekins Puffy P Piddle Paddle Piff Duddly Duddle Puff Duffle D Deedle Dee Deedle Dum Diffle Piff Diddy Puffs (the breakfast cereal)

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An interview with Bert “Dandelion” Williams, the ukulele player who frequents the open mic night at the coffee shop.

In today’s installment of “Where the Grass is Greener,” Penelope Summers talks with Bert “Dandelion” Williams, a local open mic night favorite, and the only known living ukulele player in 3 counties. He claims to have been born with all … Continue reading

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New Orleans travel guide written by a guy who’s never been there

So, you’re headed to New Orleans for a vacation. I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve seen some movies, read a lot about it, and I order the N’awlins Skillet at Applebee’s all the time. Here are some things you’re … Continue reading

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