Caveman Country Song Lyrics

I saw you walking erect
Last week by the creek
The hair on your neck
Went all the way to your feet
And darlin’, since then
Ain’t nothin’ I can do
You’re all I ever think of
I’m neander-fallin’ for you


I went out with the boys
Had a few drinks at the bog
But when I done got home
You were with some other Og


Got my spear rack on the the back
Of my round wheeled flesh cart
I’m gonna bring down a mammoth
And win your pretty little heart


Well I’m a club swingin’,
Knuckle draggin’,
Son of a Cro-Magnon
I like my Mastedon rare
And my woman’s got that
Unga-bunga goin’ on


You dragged me by my hair to your cave
And three sons for you I bore
You were everything I ever wanted
But you don’t bring me warm, beating hearts
. . . no more


Well saddle up your dinohippus
We all share this heavy load
The river god says it’s time
To ride the first-born sacrifice road
But I’m cookin’ up a li’l somethin’
Me and the boys got a plan
The river god won’t realize
This kid’s from the enemy clan

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Author of the words you're currently reading. I have children, drums, a sports car, and am not a good keeper of fish. I am not above eating spiders for cash.
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