Workers Only

Coming home from work is like opening a treasure chest. Or Pandora’s box. Or a radioactive barrel of snakes, monkeys, and laser beams. I don’t know what kind of life Forest Gump’s momma lived, but it wasn’t like mine.

It’s hard to tell if this sign has a misspelling, or if it’s just out of order. It could very well mean that workers caught walking will be thrown. As evidence, I offer the swelling depicted on the worker’s knee. You do NOT want to end up like him.
post-it note warning from my daughter

Also, my son was given a new bike with pegs today. He is not a worker, but even if he was, he walks nowhere.
Home made sports tape bandage - result of trying out new bike

So basically, you will swell and/or bleed no matter who you are, or how you enter our house. Please wipe your feet on the welcome mat.

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Author of the words you're currently reading. I have children, drums, a sports car, and am not a good keeper of fish. I am not above eating spiders for cash.
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